Name Description Contact Last change    
bletchley-primitives unknown unknown 2 months ago
cli Java library using annotations to manage command line options 9 months ago
erlang-jukebox Erlang Jukebox 2010-12-08
erlang-smtp Erlang SMTP/POP3/rfc2822 implementation 2010-07-09
gm-embeddedconsole Greasemonkey embedded javascript workspace 2008-11-25
hg-dotlog Turns Mercurial revision histories into "graphviz" diagrams 6 months ago
hg-fastimport Mercurial importer for git-fast-import format 2008-07-16
jackrabbit-bdb Jackrabbit persistence manager using BDB 2011-01-26
java Java utilities 10 months ago
jcr JCR and Jackrabbit tools and extensions 2010-08-25
jh-slow-python Reference-style implementation of the JH hash function. 2012-01-25
markov unknown unknown 2010-03-01
maven-xslt-plugin unknown unknown 2009-11-12
mercurial-server Mercurial authentication and authorization tools 20 months ago
ndocproc Javadocish documentation for .NET 2009-05-18
pypy Local copy of repository. 2012-02-17
rurple-ng Environment for learning to program, based on Python 3 months ago
spaceviz Simple disk-usage visualization 2009-09-07
spki-suiteb Java library for crypto using NSA Suite B primitives and SPKI serialization 11 months ago
svn-tools unknown unknown 5 months ago
synchrotron Javascript diff, diff3, merge, and DVCS code 2009-12-22
toke unknown unknown 2010-04-05
trivium-corepy Implementation of Trivium in CorePy for cryptanalysts 2009-01-12
wordsquare unknown unknown 21 months ago
xmlrpc-popen unknown unknown 2009-10-07