descriptionErlang Jukebox
last changeWed, 08 Dec 2010 13:17:30 +0000
2010-12-08 Ben James Refactor uptime tip
2010-12-08 Ben James Add uptime counter uptime
2010-12-03 Tom Parker Handle authentication errors in lastfm:scrobble default
2010-12-03 Tom Parker Make get_metadata help more informative
2010-12-03 Tom Parker Tidy up unused variables and imports in get_metadata
2010-12-03 Tom Parker Merge ui changes
2010-11-17 Tom Parker Don't print metadata error messages unless we're in debug mode, as it breaks the erlang code
2010-11-05 Ben James Add label element for username form ui
2010-11-05 Tom Parker Make lastfm:scrobble spit out errors if they occur
2010-10-21 Tom Parker Escape artist/title fields before sending to
2010-10-14 Tom Parker Rebuild files when the settings.hrl is changed
2010-10-13 Tom Parker Make state folder location configurable
2010-10-13 Tom Parker Put jukebox state into a separate directory
2010-10-08 Tom Parker Only scrobble tracks with artist data!
2010-10-08 Tom Parker Handle Amazon HTTP errors in musicbrainz code
2010-10-04 palfrey Update docs to note the need for pactl not amixer
2010-10-04 palfrey Rewrite pactl_get_volume to no longer need the patched pactl
2010-10-03 palfrey Document lastfm, md5 and settings.hrl
2010-10-03 palfrey Cope if the user hasn't set the username
2010-10-03 palfrey Correct lookup of metadata name from local name
2010-10-03 palfrey Fix missing quote in example settings
2010-10-03 palfrey Update location of rfc4627 module
2010-10-03 palfrey Spit out a decent message if getting volume fails
2010-10-01 Tom Parker Handle scrobbling when we play directly from a newly cached file
2010-09-30 Tom Parker volume.erl now uses pactl (needs patched version with "get-sink-volume" command)
2010-09-30 Tom Parker Move player.erl to use custom vlc commands in settings.hrl
2010-09-30 Tom Parker Add support to Jukebox directly in Erlang and example settings to run it
2010-03-15 Tom Parker If we don't have album art, retrieve it with Musicbrainz and Amazon
2010-03-10 Tom Parker metadata: Hand back NullTags if we find a file we don't know how to get the tags for
2010-03-10 Tom Parker metadata: More throwing errors if we're in debug mode
2010-03-10 Tom Parker Add .wma support
2010-03-10 Tom Parker Rewrite argument handling in get_metadata with OptionParser and add a --debug argument
2010-03-05 Tom Parker Fix exception handling for dodgy metadata
2010-03-05 Tom Parker Output metadata exceptions as strings
2010-03-05 Tom Parker Handle MP4 files with album art
2010-03-05 Tom Parker Add usage information to
2010-02-11 Simon MacMullen Don't report spurious metadata errors when file does not download for whatever reason.
2010-02-10 Simon MacMullen Fixes for Python 2.5.
2010-02-10 Simon MacMullen Mitigate the effects of a race in the Erlang http client.
2010-02-10 Simon MacMullen Improve error handling in the case where we don't download the file for some reason.
2010-02-10 Simon MacMullen Save metadata file under temp name then rename atomically so that the jukebox can't see a half-written file. Also improve error handling.
2009-09-30 Tony Garnock-Jones Add -pa for the rfc4627 code.
2009-07-01 Simon MacMullen Show who altered the volume.
2009-03-05 Simon MacMullen ...and update the docs.
2009-03-05 Simon MacMullen Remove the "Save changes to disk" button and just do it automatically at
2009-02-16 Simon MacMullen Fix 40b4f417b185
2009-02-16 Simon MacMullen Merge
2009-02-13 Simon MacMullen Stop using hmix, use ALSA amixer
2009-01-23 Simon MacMullen Don't trust the Python so much - log error if any exception is thrown
2009-01-31 Simon MacMullen Cope when a zero-length or otherwise completely broken file is found.
2009-01-10 Simon MacMullen Replace pause / resume / skip with transport icons. visual-tweaks
2009-01-10 Simon MacMullen Put "while listening" on a new line visual-tweaks
2009-01-10 Simon MacMullen Bold track name even in samll widget. visual-tweaks
2009-01-10 Simon MacMullen Only show search results after searching, add hide link. Move search results above chat / queue panes. Make chat / queue panes bigger. visual-tweaks
2009-01-10 Simon MacMullen tabs -> spaces visual-tweaks
2009-01-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Note about the race Simon discovered.
2009-01-20 Simon MacMullen There appears to be a race while queuing tracks that do not exist (i.e.
2009-01-16 Simon MacMullen Also, with VLC you have to trun replay gain *on*.
2009-01-16 Simon MacMullen Eating all exceptions is a bad idea. Fix replay gain.
2009-01-08 Simon MacMullen Fix WAV support. Mutagen knows nothing of WAV so add a really dumb class
2008-12-30 Simon MacMullen Lots of CSS changes visual-tweaks
2008-12-26 Simon MacMullen Improvements to track downloading:
2008-12-24 Simon MacMullen You can rely on nothing. There are files out there which claim to embed an albumart file, but it's truncated / corrupt. Handle that case.
2008-12-24 Simon MacMullen Fixes to AAC album art handling
2008-12-24 Simon MacMullen In AAC files, track number is often an int, so cast to string.
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Improved (hopefully) history styling.
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Small refactor
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen History CSS tweak.
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Provide metadata when someone skips a track.
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Make the small track widget also able to display metadata.
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Add context to chat; it's nice to know what people are talking about.
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen History timestamps
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Don't assume MP3 album art is called "Front Cover"
2008-12-12 Simon MacMullen Handle non-ASCII tag values sanely.
2008-12-03 Tony Garnock-Jones Don't translate slashes in m3u paths.
2008-12-03 Tony Garnock-Jones Forward-compatible vlc://quit syntax
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Cause curl to fail on HTTP error rather than retrieving the error document.
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Show URL on metadata error.
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Reindent
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Tweak CSS for track widgets
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove unused get_secs/0 function.
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Use sub-second precision in computing elapsed-time, and floor to
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Only display times if playing, rather than non-idle. Cope with
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Reindent
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Reindent
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Very minor cosmetic changes: use 3600 as the constant, and use ternary operator
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Avoid double-setting the refresh timer.
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Abstract out VLC invocation; use plain vlc rather than cvlc (which isn't available on Debian apparently?)
2008-12-02 Tony Garnock-Jones Move the install_dependencies_debian target so it's non-first, so all is caught by default
2008-12-01 Simon MacMullen Try to be more intelligent about the presence or absence of tags. If the song title is not there, give up and show the URL tail as before. Otherwise, show whichever tags we have.
2008-12-01 Simon MacMullen Don't fall over if there are no tags at all.
2008-12-01 Simon MacMullen I don't like these borders after all. Some album art is non-square and it looks really bad.
2008-11-28 Tony Garnock-Jones merge metadata into default
2008-11-28 Simon MacMullen Use ImageMagick rather than PIL since PIL is falling over for PNGs for metadata
2008-11-28 Simon MacMullen Move the cache into the server root, to make album art images less evil. metadata
2008-11-28 Simon MacMullen Metadata in the queue. metadata
2008-11-27 Simon MacMullen Refactor a bit, support AAC album art. metadata
2008-11-27 Simon MacMullen Improve error reporting metadata
2008-11-27 Simon MacMullen Merge default to metadata metadata
2008-11-26 Simon MacMullen Add a favicon (taken from the Tango icon project).
2008-11-25 Simon MacMullen Beginning of album art patch so Tony can see how evil it is... metadata
2008-11-25 Simon MacMullen Forgot to remove metadata
2008-11-25 Tony Garnock-Jones Merge heads
2008-11-25 Tony Garnock-Jones If the metadata-extraction failed, it wasn't creating the metadata file.
2008-11-25 Simon MacMullen Remove the #info record, just pass round a dict. metadata
2008-11-25 Simon MacMullen Don't allow elapsed time to be greater than total time, and take that happening as a hint that the song has finished and we should ask the server what's happening.
2008-11-25 Tony Garnock-Jones Log kernel and sasl output to various files.
2008-11-21 Simon MacMullen Display the tags in the web UI (for currently playing song only ATM). metadata
2008-11-21 Simon MacMullen VLC does not exit by default when the song ends. Hilarity ensures. metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Various fixes around the little oddities of AAC/M4A tags metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Oops, try to remember how a dict works. metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Play everything with vlc. Not a trivial change, but it seems to work fine and gets us replay gain! metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Remove compiled code from hmix tarball. i386 code does not work on my metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Grab standard tags for Tony. metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Need curl metadata
2008-11-20 Simon MacMullen Add support for reading ReplayGain tags (and generating them if they metadata
2008-11-17 Simon MacMullen Merge metadata branch
2008-11-14 Simon MacMullen For convenience import a copy of Mutagen. metadata
2008-11-14 Simon MacMullen Yes yes, I use Eclipse. Get over it. metadata
2008-11-14 Simon MacMullen Remove ticker process and just keep track of how long the song has been metadata
2008-11-13 Simon MacMullen Move python script into correct OTP location, couple of minor tweaks. metadata
2008-11-13 Simon MacMullen Actually we need to pause the timer if the music is paused... metadata
2008-11-13 Simon MacMullen Add a client-side timer to update the clock every second. metadata
2008-11-13 Simon MacMullen Server-side code to support elapsed time display. The client only checks metadata
2008-11-13 Simon MacMullen Add some infrastructure about metadata, and show the total length of the metadata
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Updated instructions for retrieving erlang-rfc4627 (from hg now)
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Mercurial is more aggressive with empty-directory deletion than darcs was.
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Clean up after tailor.
2008-11-04 Tony Garnock-Jones Note re: need to touch cached files
2008-09-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Targets for restarting daemon with a single make command.
2008-09-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Save playlist on shutdown, load it on startup
2008-09-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Termination timeouts are in milliseconds, not seconds!
2008-09-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Turn off globbing in curl. Also, be silent, and collect error messages.
2008-09-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Format errors that appear in history
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Perform proper UTF-8 encoding on URLs
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Note about updating the documentation
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones URL encode relative URL fragments from a .m3u
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove debug output
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Use os:cmd instead of execdaemon for curl
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Retry on error during renaming
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Correct cleanlog target
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Display cachingIndicator
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Send current downloads back to js client
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove obsolete clause
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Support investigation of urlcache:current_downloads()
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Use curl to download in urlcache instead of ibrowse
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Support spider:retrieve with a timeout
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Integrate urlcache with player.
2008-09-23 Tony Garnock-Jones Ignore jukebox cache dir
2008-07-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Make a start on urlcaching/prefetching.
2008-05-29 matthew added support for m4a, wav and flac files via mplayer
2008-07-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Fix for spidering thttpd. Thanks to Emile Joubert.
2008-05-28 Tony Garnock-Jones Note on dependency on erlang-rfc4627
2008-05-25 Tony Garnock-Jones Update to new rfc4627_jsonrpc_inets module.
2008-05-11 Tony Garnock-Jones Commented quote to balance emacs' syntax-highlighter
2008-05-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Explicitly set background colour.
2007-10-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove a stray v1 record!
2007-06-26 Tony Garnock-Jones Add missing lists_to_binaries/1 call
2007-06-22 Tony Garnock-Jones Expose track count information on config screen
2007-06-22 Tony Garnock-Jones Randomised track selection
2007-06-21 Tony Garnock-Jones Send X-JSON-RPC-Timeout header (relies on mod_jsonrpc change, too).
2007-06-21 Tony Garnock-Jones Add error callback to search
2007-06-21 Tony Garnock-Jones Fix links
2007-06-21 Tony Garnock-Jones Fix CSS link
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Added tag snapshot_200706211100 for changeset 4c31e0929c6a
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Added tag pre_rearrangement_and_deyawsification for changeset b782b207b906 snapshot_200706211100
2007-06-21 Tony Garnock-Jones Enable SASL, for logging, and capture log output from daemon to file. pre_rearrangement_and_deyawsification
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Update documentation
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Add "daemon" and "stop" targets.
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove obsolete jukebox.smd and jukebox.yaws.
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Update main application to non-yaws code.
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Locate execdaemon binary in priv_dir
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Move icons into htdocs
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Update .boring file
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove obsolete config.smd and config.yaws.
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Update configsession to new non-yaws framework
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Forgot to add supervisor source file!
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Make jukebox an Erlang application, with supervisors etc.
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Make gen_servers implement all of the required interface
2007-06-20 Tony Garnock-Jones Move files into standardesque structure; prepare to de-yaws the app
2007-04-17 Tony Garnock-Jones New TODO item
2007-04-17 tonyg Add stop-daemon target.
2007-04-17 Tony Garnock-Jones Split by \r as well as \n.
2006-11-10 Tony Garnock-Jones Remove minor syntax error in the CSS
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Added tag snapshot_200611081110 for changeset eb15e4dd09d8
2006-11-08 Tony Garnock-Jones Support Safari (and hopefully also IE) snapshot_200611081110
2006-11-08 Tony Garnock-Jones conditionalise Java-specific code
2006-11-07 Tony Garnock-Jones Don't spam the history every time someone opens the page.
2006-11-07 Tony Garnock-Jones Rearrange things for better use of vertical space.
2008-11-13 Tony Garnock-Jones Added tag snapshot_200611061540 for changeset bf7be306a4fd
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Documentation. snapshot_200611061540
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Copyright and documentation.
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Tweak icons
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Beef up little arrowheads
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Restore "enqueue text"
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Unfloat the track username, as it overflows poorly
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Add "chat" button.
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Colourful volume indicator.
2006-11-06 Tony Garnock-Jones Icons and style tweaks
2006-11-05 Tony Garnock-Jones Focus the search field on page load.
2008-11-13 snapshot_200706211100
2007-06-21 pre_rearrangement_and_deyawsification
2006-11-08 snapshot_200611081110
2006-11-06 snapshot_200611061540
2010-12-08 5ee5c132883d uptime
2010-12-03 18023c8db394 default
2010-11-05 71ba98f09c36 ui
2009-01-10 54e58f301771 visual-tweaks
2008-11-28 77f2b51ff73a metadata