descriptionTurns Mercurial revision histories into "graphviz" diagrams
last changeWed, 02 Oct 2013 15:41:02 +0100
10 months ago David Ireland need href patterns for multiple repos in trac svg-browser tip
10 months ago David Ireland Separate options out, so it's easier to call from other code svg-browser
10 months ago David Ireland Add setup py so I can make eggs and install svg-browser
11 months ago David Ireland merge svg-browser
11 months ago David Ireland I think this matches never hg versions svg-browser
2011-08-25 David Ireland merge default svg-browser
2011-08-25 David Ireland Use revision sets as the only way to control the revisions displayed default
2011-07-18 Paul Crowley Add hrefs to nodes; tweak template for SVG in browser
2011-07-18 Paul Crowley Close change which has been handled elsewhere
2011-07-18 Paul Crowley Make href base configurable and include href only when present; remove unused maxiter svg-browser
2011-07-13 David Ireland This version looks reasonable in a web browser with svg support, e.g. Chromium. svg-browser
2011-06-15 Paul Crowley Improve display: branch first, include rev number, save lines
2011-06-15 Paul Crowley Display usernames; make closed and open heads look different
2010-07-21 Paul Crowley Add anchoring
2010-03-12 Paul Crowley Add basic anchor feature
2010-03-11 Paul Crowley Fiddle with display, time limit experiments
2009-04-22 Paul Crowley Experimenting with xdot integratin, doesn't work xdot
2009-03-26 Matthew Sackman manually merged in similar fix from mercurial-server to cope with api changes to hg somewhere around hg v1.2
2009-04-14 Tony Garnock-Jones Temporary hack to work with hg 1.1.2
2008-08-04 Paul Crowley Add the template file
2008-07-24 Paul Crowley add README
2008-07-15 Paul Crowley add .hgignore file
2008-04-29 Paul Crowley Use the "stop sign" shape for nodes without children to highlight
2008-04-28 Paul Crowley Look up the template from the location of the py file.
2008-04-27 Paul Crowley remove commented-out code, add some comments
2008-04-27 Paul Crowley Slightly better - get path from option but no default.
2008-04-27 Paul Crowley conversion to python-pygraphviz done, but path to template hardwired
2008-04-27 Paul Crowley tidy get_limit
2008-02-28 Paul Crowley Try to make colours deterministic as far as possible
2008-02-27 Paul Crowley don't hardware the output file. Minor style changes.
2008-02-27 Paul Crowley minor style changes
2008-02-27 Paul Crowley setpenwidth
2008-02-27 Paul Crowley Improve layout with edge weights
2008-02-27 Paul Crowley tighter criterion for elision suggested by Matthias
2008-02-26 Paul Crowley branchcolours, days, various options
2008-02-26 Paul Crowley consider also branches when deciding what to elide
2008-02-26 Paul Crowley whole new way of working for elision, much simpler
2008-02-26 Paul Crowley started work on elide-simple flag
2008-02-26 Paul Crowley Add start of my "dotlog" extension, to replace graphviz
10 months ago 00d82f6d7491 svg-browser
2011-08-25 8a352d8da038 default
2010-03-11 a0b0580e770d experiments
2009-04-22 378491504a2b xdot