descriptionJackrabbit persistence manager using BDB
last changeWed, 26 Jan 2011 10:53:54 +0000
2011-01-26 David Ireland Needed for jackrabbit 2 - since its no longer part of jackrabbit, jackrabbit2 tip
2011-01-26 hg This passes the (limited) unit tests against jackrabbit2. This version is not compatible with jackrabbit1, either in terms of compilation, or on disk format of repositories. I'm not sure thats going to be possible in future either. Hence I'm creating a branch for Jackrabbit 2 support. jackrabbit2
2011-01-19 David Ireland This seems mostly to be about eliminating default
2010-06-09 David Ireland Yet another variation on the persistence manager. This is much simpler
2009-09-23 David Ireland Add the ability to run tools which don't modify the database in
2009-09-21 David Ireland Missing from previous commit - skeleton of a data store
2009-09-21 David Ireland Theres some refactoring here: moving the key generators into
2009-09-14 David Ireland This is a fast checksum of Paul Crowleys devising. I've added it
2009-09-14 David Ireland Working blob de-duplication.
2009-09-07 David Ireland Detect duplicate blobs. Count references to them, and delete them
2009-09-02 david That solves the dynamic dispatch problem. I don't understand why the previous versiondidn't work, but this one does.
2009-09-02 david Re-applying an optimisation that avoids large byte array allocations and copies in blobs.
2009-09-01 david I was actually quite wrong to think the stringKey order was the same as the binaryKey order - the numbers assigned to strings have a completely different ordering to the strings themselves. Its not very hard to use the actual order.
2009-08-31 david Don't delete the blobs of the new value after you have just written them! Add and modify no longer have enough in common to share a method. Separated them.
2009-08-31 David Ireland Optimisation which sorts changes by their key before submitting them to BDB.
2009-08-30 david This arranges for no-longer used blobs to be deleted. It also replaces the export with one that can cope with the internal blob store or an external one - either way, the blobs are included in the export file. The import only works if the target repository uses internal blobs. I've fixed some warnings that resulted from BDB collections interface now being parameterised.
2009-08-28 David Ireland Blobs with locality and binary keys now works. Haven't tested
2009-08-28 david Fixed various issues with the binary binding. This worked a little while ago when I had a separate map for blobs. Then I realised that meant I'd lost locality for blobs, so I merged them back into items. I don't know if that works yet.
2009-07-17 david This is really just an in progress dump: I have a binary key binding that might work, as long as you don't use blobs
2009-07-01 david Use tar instead of zip - writig tar files doesn't use memory,
2009-07-11 David Ireland Use tar instead of zip: zip keeps the table of contents in memory,
2009-07-01 David Ireland Tool to dump database statistics
2009-06-29 David Ireland Refactored so I can add a binary key generator, for more compact
2009-06-27 David Ireland This is a big commit - It should have been done on several
2009-05-27 David Ireland Added tag 1.2.1 for changeset 3ddab77d0b29
2009-05-27 David Ireland Refactor out common functionality that I can use in an implementation 1.2.1
2009-03-09 David Ireland I though I'd removed these already, but then I updated and
2009-03-04 David Ireland Use internal lshift jackrabbit repository temporarily
2009-02-10 David Ireland Some reformatting, and removed some comments that are now out of date
2009-02-10 David Ireland Move the examples to the right place
2009-02-10 David Ireland These are part of the import tool - not the persistence manager
2009-02-10 David Ireland This is a clone of the jcr project, pruned down just to contain
2009-02-09 David Ireland Documentation, examples
2009-02-09 David Ireland This changes the way me manage an envronment. Clients name themselves,
2009-02-06 David Ireland Remove eclipse config and maven target
2009-02-04 convert-repo update tags
2008-02-21 david bug none: use only one database for everything
2008-02-20 david bug none: use dynamic dispatch to clean things up a bit. Add some documentation. Time to release a new version.
2008-02-20 david bug none: this is back to the point where it seems to work reliably.
2008-02-18 david bug none: don't use openDatabase() inside a transaction - writes to the database after the transaction is committed may be lost. Also checkpoint the environment when a persistence manager is closed - just to make sure its easy to start up again afterwards. v1_0_2
2008-02-18 david bug none: I mistakenly published multiple versions under the same version id. This should end the confusion
2008-02-15 david bug none: some refactoring of the import and export tools. Its safer to test things with export. This doesn't work, but probably only because I don't have a complete enough classpath. v1_0
2008-02-14 david bug none: cosmetic and documentation changes. Some warnings are suppressed.
2008-02-14 david bug none: This has various generally useful tools for use with jackrabbit. The only think I really want right now is the jackrabbit.BDBPersistenceManager which I'm considering using on Sodexho. I've tested it as working with Magnolia.
2009-05-27 1.2.1
2008-02-18 v1_0_2
2008-02-15 v1_0
2011-01-26 24a870739d9f jackrabbit2
2011-01-19 32ea73e1c561 default