last changeMon, 05 Apr 2010 23:06:37 +0100
2010-04-05 Matthew Sackman Do not free common resources when a single instance of the driver is unloaded otherwise other instances of the same driver will cease to function default tip
2010-04-05 Matthew Sackman Not quite sure how that top_exit got there...
2010-02-11 Matthew Sackman Update README
2009-12-25 Matthew Sackman Added a number of consts to the C and fixed a mistake with dynamically sized array declaration. Also an optimisation on the iter, and deal with the possibility that alloc can fail. Many thanks to Francis Russell <>, for the bulk of the patch.
2009-12-23 Matthew Sackman A robust way of working out the path to the
2009-12-22 Matthew Sackman Fold over a map typically supplies both the key and the value to the function. *headdesk*
2009-12-21 Matthew Sackman added some quotes
2009-12-21 Matthew Sackman Added a README
2009-12-21 Matthew Sackman Moved files around to make it a bit more OTP-ish
2009-12-21 Matthew Sackman beautified the bit twiddling code
2009-12-19 Matthew Sackman General tidying, and also made sure it compiles cleanly and works on 32-bit x86.
2009-12-16 Matthew Sackman Added ability to fold over the database
2009-12-15 Matthew Sackman Missing -f
2009-12-15 Matthew Sackman Initial commit of Toke.
2010-04-05 f178e55bb6b5 default