last changeThu, 28 Jun 2012 15:35:30 +0100
2012-06-28 Paul Crowley Actually store and print the results default tip
2012-06-27 Paul Crowley Read mayfollow as bytes and handle short reads
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Work even when thread_threshold is too great
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Get rid of pos printing, tasks more useful. Even finer grain on tasks
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley A couple of small improvements to the inner loop
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Make threads finer grained now they're not competing
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Randomize task order
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Use array, not linked list, for tasks
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Use worker threads
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Add MIT license
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Fix printf
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Allow more than 2^16 indices
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Don't pair up options in advance, just store mayfollow
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Fix MAXINDEX test
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Don't generate indexes for full-length words, never needed
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Make message less misleading
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley Don't mix prints, just pass in progress information
2012-06-26 Paul Crowley More reporting while filling hash table
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Read/write hashtable entries in native format
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Use just a short to hold indices, they don't need more
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Move things around to clean the code up
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Add multithreading
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Allow bigger hash table; add compile flags to make possible; fix blow table test
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Avoid all INDEXES lookups in hash table generation loop
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Try to speed up hash table generation
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Give dimension on command line
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Don't generate FOLLOWSBOTH or FBI, just write to hash from MAYFOLLOW
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Protect against too small a hash table
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Reintroduce symmetry speedup
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Get rid of schedule; use a long long count; get dim back to 3
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Try dim=4
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Use C solution
2012-06-25 Paul Crowley Most of the way towards a C solution
2012-06-24 Paul Crowley Only consider half the symmetries
2012-06-24 Paul Crowley Don't generate solutions, add them to a list
2012-06-23 Paul Crowley use dict comprehension to generate followsboth
2012-06-23 Paul Crowley more style changse
2012-06-23 Paul Crowley Stylistic fixes
2012-06-23 Paul Crowley Small cleanups, 37.74
2012-06-23 Paul Crowley Don't keep copying square, isquare
2012-06-23 Paul Crowley Alexandros's, 42.46 s
2012-06-28 b2fb078cf01f default